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The Simple Guide to Successful Volunteer Tech Demo Meetings

How to make the most of your time previewing volunteer management software

Free Volunteer Software Buyer's Guide

While the job of a volunteer manager can be challenging, technology has emerged as a valuable ally in the form of volunteer management software. If you're a volunteer leader seeking tech solutions, this step-by-step guide is for you.

Together, we'll navigate the steps necessary for having a successful demo of volunteer technology so you can find the perfect solution that suits your organization’s needs.

In this guide you’ll discover:

  • Why booking your volunteer-technology demo is just the starting point
  • How to prepare for your volunteer-technology demo
  • What questions to ask during the volunteer software demo
  • What to do after your volunteer tech demo

Plus, bonus resources and tips for a truly successful volunteer management software demo!

Booking Your Volunteerism-Focused Technology Demo: The Starting Point

Booking a demo is your starting point in exploring potential volunteerism software solutions. See the software in action in the demo, understand its functionalities, and assess its alignment with your requirements.

This is your time to ask your questions, clarify doubts, and gauge the potential to streamline volunteer management with this tech solution. Remember, the key is to understand how it can support your volunteer engagement needs.

A successful demo conversation with a qualified volunteerism-focused software expert could be the turning point for your organization! 


  1. Identify Your Needs: Make a list of your organization's volunteer management needs and desires. Think about what issues are causing you stress. Focus on repetitive tasks that could be automated. It might be a need for real-time tracking tools, efficient communication platforms, or something else entirely.
  2. Understand Your Volunteers: Gather data about your volunteers. How many do you have? Where are they located? What kind of work do they do? This information is crucial to finding a tech solution that suits your volunteer base. 
  3. Evaluate Your Current Tech Tools: Review the tech tools you're currently using. Make a note of their strengths and weaknesses. Are you patching together a number of different free tools that only get the job done part of the way? Is there a way to streamline your processes for a better management and volunteer experience under one tool? 

Demo Day

  1. Introduction: Start the meeting with a warm welcome and introduce your team and organization to the volunteerism-tech experts. Share with them how you engage volunteers at your organization. 
  2. Demonstration: Allow the tech experts to give an overview of their volunteerism technology. Remember, this is just the beginning, so don't make any decisions just yet! Do ask questions about features, processes, and how other organizations may use this software to engage volunteers. 
  3. Analysis: Ask the tech experts to explain how their software solutions and services can meet your specific needs. Be discerning and open-minded. For example, translating paperwork processes to technology may be new for your organization and volunteers, but it may be what is needed to streamline workflows in a way that helps you increase time spent in your community connecting with your cause.  
  4. Q&A Session: Prepare a list of important questions. Ask about costs, customization options, and potential issues that might arise. This is your chance to separate the best from the rest.
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After the Meeting

  1. Reflection: After the demonstration, take some time to reflect on what you've learned. What impressed you? What were you less keen on? Use this information to inform your decisions. Refer to your Volunteer Management Software Buyer’s Guide & Workbook for support! 
  2. Plan Your Technology Transition: Now that you've got the information you need, it's time to plan your tech transition. 
  3. Align With Stakeholders: Meet with your organization’s stakeholders. Move through your tech needs and the different options you’ve explored through demos to make an informed decision that helps you meet your goals around volunteer engagement.
  4. Celebrate Your Progress: Take a moment to enjoy your progress. You've taken a significant step towards improving your volunteer management.

Extra Tips

  • Presentation: Consider how you and your team share about your volunteerism during the demonstration. Your presentation can reflect your organization's volunteer engagement goals and help your volunteerism-tech expert answer your questions thoroughly. 
  • Preparation: Read user reviews, case studies, and industry reports before the demo meeting. They can provide valuable insights. Ask questions about organizations similar to yours and how they engage volunteers using the software you’re viewing in the demo!
  • Networking: After the demo, if you're interested in a particular tech tool, reach out to other organizations that use it. Their experiences can provide valuable insights.
  • Long-term Planning: Many tech companies provide a roadmap that shows the stages of implementation. This can be extremely useful for your volunteer management strategy. 
  • Ask Strategic Questions: The more you know, the better your questions will be. Always consider the long-term and the big picture.
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  • Keep Communication Open: After the demo, stay in touch with the tech team. Clear communication is key to a successful partnership. A solid volunteer-tech option will have responsive team members who are happy to answer your questions and walk you through the process.
  • Provide Feedback: Whether you choose to proceed with the tech option or not, provide feedback. Your insights can help the tech team improve their offerings.

Remember, finding the right tech solution for your volunteer management needs isn't about luck; it's about being well-prepared and making informed decisions. Enjoy your volunteer tech demo meetings!

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