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Get Connected Re-Design & Mobile Compatibility

Hi Everyone,

If you read our blog post in early November then you know Galaxy Digital will be launching a mobile friendly version of Get Connected (GC) in early 2015. I am writing today to give you more details on the new mobile version of GC (what it is, when it will be ready, how you can get it, etc) as well as to share the BIGGER picture, which is the best part of all…Get Connected is getting a facelift. In fact, the new mobile version is just one component of an entirely re-designed Get Connected that will soon be available to all of our customers.
The rollout of the new Get Connected design (which we are calling GC 2.0) will begin in early February and will be optional for all current Get Connected customers. To help get you in the know, we have put together a list of Questions and Answers related to the new design and the associated mobile component. We will be sharing a lot more specifics with you soon but, for now, here is some basic information to get the ball rolling:

Why redesign Get Connected?

1. The web has changed since we first launched Get Connected. New technology and usability standards have emerged which cause sites to run faster, look better, and work easily on any device. Galaxy is committed to making sure that Get Connected is in line with best-in-breed software across the web.

2. Mobile compatibility. This is something that many of you have asked for over the past 12 months and we knew a best-in-breed re-design would get us there. We couldn’t be more excited about offering you and your communities a way to interact with Get Connected via mobile devices!

 3. To make it even easier for volunteers and agencies in your community to get engaged. GC 2.0 has been uniquely designed to drive volunteerism and offers an even clearer path to getting engaged. Volunteers who come to your Get Connected site will know immediately how to choose a path and get involved.

Overall, GC 2.0 is a better, more focused, and more powerful tool for you and your community.

 What are the main differences between the current version of Get Connected (1.0) and GC 2.0?

1. 2.0 is mobile friendly, making it far easier and more convenient for your Volunteers and Agencies to get engaged and affect change in your community.

2. 2.0 offers a far more personal and inviting experience for your volunteers. This includes recommendations based on their interests and past volunteer activity (events, opportunities, agencies), simpler ways to manage their interests and site involvement, downloadable volunteer “report cards” with slick graphics, better ways to track and visualize their volunteerism efforts, and much more.

3. More ways for GC users to spread the word through social “sharing” across the social web via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and more.

4. A more focused “About” page that better enables you to share your organizations messaging and mission.

5. An enhanced agency management area that provides your agencies with even simpler tools for managing their page and for tracking and reporting on their page’s activity.

Is it possible to get the mobile component without moving to the new Get Connected design?

No. The mobile component is only available with GC 2.0. If you are an existing customer using the original version of Get Connected (GC 1.0), you will need to upgrade to GC 2.0 in order to get the mobile version.

How much does it cost to switch from our current version of Get Connected to GC 2.0?

Good news! Moving from 1.0 to 2.0 is Free. However, as a protective measure we need to throw in a small disclaimer here- if you have any special requests that go beyond the standard customizations offered within 2.0, we would need to review those with you and provide a quote for completing the work. We are confident that the vast majority of conversions will land in the “free” category.

 How can I see a demo of GC 2.0?

Easy! We will be in touch with an opportunity to view a demo of the new design around the first of February.

 How soon can I switch from the current design to GC 2.0?

Good question! Unfortunately these conversions from 1.0 to 2.0 cannot happen at the push of a button. Therefore, we are going to have to move customers to the new version one at a time. If you know you want to make the switch ASAP, please click HERE to fill out a form that will let us know. Either way, we will be reaching out to you very soon to let you know when we can get your 2.0 upgrade scheduled.

 Is everyone required to make the switch to GC 2.0?

No. Those who would like to switch right away will be scheduled as quickly as possible. Those who want to wait may do so. However, eventually (not until sometime in 2016) Galaxy will discontinue support of GC 1.0. We feel pretty certain that once you see 2.0 you will want to dive right in but in case you are not prepared to switch right away, Galaxy has options for you.


We hope the above list is helpful in answering your most immediate and critical questions regarding the rollout of the newly designed Get Connected. However if you have a burning question that still needs answering, please send it to us HERE.

Thanks everyone, looking forward to sharing more GC 2.0 details very soon so please stay tuned!


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