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Volunteer Recruitment Best Practices on the Internet

Establishing a set of volunteer recruitment best practices should accomplish more for your organization than attracting new volunteers. A successful volunteer recruitment strategy will also strengthen your organization’s image in your community, create awareness about your mission, and showcase your achievements. In today’s technology driven culture, crafting a set of volunteer recruitment best practices customized for the Internet is essential to accomplishing your goals. In the 2011 United States Census over 80% of respondents between the ages of 18 to 44 reported using the Internet on a regular basis. This number is expected to grow. That means that it will become increasingly urgent for your organization to harness the information sharing power of online tools to help achieve volunteer recruitment success.

Volunteer Recruitment Best Practices: Your Website

The first place to begin implementing volunteer recruitment best practices is your website.
Make sure that your website is a rich source of information about your organization, your mission, your volunteer opportunities, and the community your organization serves. When potential volunteers find your website, don’t miss a golden opportunity to actively engage and inspire them to join your mission. Make sure your website is:

Easy to use
Integrated with a volunteer database

Your website has the potential to be so much more than an online brochure about your organization. Think of it as an online tool for putting your volunteer recruitment best practices in action.

Volunteer Recruitment Best Practices: Online Videos

Online videos are a dynamic way your organization can emotionally connect with potential volunteers. Displaying videos of your volunteers in action on your website is one of the most powerful volunteer recruitment best practices. Volunteers want to be convinced that any movement they participate in will be rewarding and worthwhile before they make a commitment. When you show your current volunteers making a positive impact, it will be easier for them to imagine what their own experiences might be like as a member of your movement. An online video that accurately depicts volunteer experiences, communities, and the populations you serve could sway a prospective volunteer to make a commitment. Inspire the potential recruit, and then make it easy for them to immediately sign up to participate in your movement.

Volunteer Recruitment Best Practices: Social Media

Cultivating “word of mouth” awareness about your organization has always been one of the essential volunteer recruitment best practices. Your current volunteers are one of the most valuable resources you have for spreading news of your mission and of the positive impact you are making in your community. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are platforms that can help your volunteers spread that word much farther and wider than ever before. A report by the Pew Research Center in 2013 showed that over 72% of adults who use the Internet also use social media outlets. That is a huge opportunity for your organization to promote your mission.

When you integrate viral sharing features throughout your website you encourage volunteers to share volunteer opportunities and positive stories that attract more volunteers. Social media users can promote your organization throughout vast networks of friends, acquaintances and business associates that you might have never reached before.

Get Connected will help your organization put all of these Internet based volunteer recruitment best practices into action. Ask for a demonstration to see how our online solutions can serve your mission.

Author: Doss Church