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Success Story – United Way of the Greater Triangle

How Get Connected volunteer technology supports our community events

On the Advanced Events Module:

“I have been working with United Way of the Greater Triangle (in Morrisville, NC) since November of 2012.  When I started, we were right in the middle of planning our Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, a service event that usually brings 2200 volunteers to 30 projects across the Triangle area of North Carolina.  I used the Advanced Events module of Get Connected to manage these volunteers as it allows event managers to coordinate large numbers of volunteers without having to speak directly with each individual.  The system takes care of counting how many volunteers are signed up, cataloging their information, and organizing this information into manageable forms.  Furthermore, the software closed events when they filled, preventing me from running into the issue of overfilled projects.  With only one staff person working as both the events specialist and volunteer coordinator to plan and execute four large scale events annually, I couldn’t succeed without this tool.  The time and energy it has saved me in communicating with volunteers has been well worth the investment and has exponentially increased the overall experience our volunteers have when working with us.

Our partner agencies use Get Connected, also, to list their volunteer and in-kind donation needs.  With very little training, agency partners are able to navigate the system and post about their agencies on their own.  This element has allowed our staff to use our internal resources much more effectively.  Instead of having one individual devoted to posting items for agency partners, we have been able to give ownership of this to the agency representatives, including them in the overall process of promoting their needs.

I would recommend Get Connected to anyone looking to streamline their volunteer and partner agency communications.  The tools available through Get Connected are truly an investment in the overall experience of volunteers and agency members.  Additionally, the system allows for the organization’s valued, and oftentimes limited, resources to be used in the very best way possible.”

Natasha Wayne
Community Relations & Special Events Specialist, United Way of the Greater Triangle

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