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Webinar: Mythbusting 101: 5 Volunteer Engagement Myths | Dec 14th @ 1pm EST | Free Registration 
High Contrast

Watch Measuring + Communicating Volunteer Impact: Beyond Hours and Dollars

What you'll learn:
  1. How demonstrating results goes beyond counting the number of volunteers + their service hours.
  2. New + emerging trends that position volunteer engagement as a valuable resource for mission-fulfillment.
  3. PLUS, practical tips and tools to make the case for volunteer engagement as a vital resource.
A big Thank You to our guests for this event, Beth Steinhorn, President of VQ Volunteer Strategies for sharing their experience on recruiting and rebuilding a volunteer base!

VQ Volunteer Strategies is a leading provider of high-impact volunteer engagement solutions designed to help organizations raise their VQ – or volunteer quotient. 

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