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15 Creative Ways to Supercharge Your Volunteer Donor Program

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Did you know: Volunteers who donate money are more likely to support the same organizations where they volunteer their time.

Here are a variety of innovative volunteer donor program concepts to ensure that giving is not only fulfilling but also enjoyable.

From digital to downright fun, these volunteer-donor programs will flip the script on traditional generosity and pump some fresh energy into your organization's giving campaigns!


1. Tap & Donate Online

It’s 2024 – go digital with your donation!

No one likes the hassle of cash or the fumble of finding a checkbook. Set up a system that lets folks tap their phone and send you money – plain and simple. The easier it is, the more likely they'll do it.

Incorporating digital tools into your volunteer donor program can significantly ease the donation process. Consider platforms like PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App for straightforward, secure transactions that donors can complete in seconds.

For a more integrated approach, utilizing volunteer technology tools that offer donation features can streamline your volunteer donorship campaigns. 

Remember: the goal is to make donating as effortless as possible for your supporters, turning good intentions into action with just a few clicks.

2. Text-to-Give

Send some love via text. A simple text message can turn a volunteer event into a sea of donors – without a single pledge card in sight.

Volunteer tech that offers texting as part of an integrated set of volunteer engagement communication tools can make it easier to connect with those volunteers who prefer to engage via their mobile devices.

3. Party with a Purpose

Everybody loves a good party – good times for a good cause! Turn that energy into a positive force by organizing events that balance fun with fundraising. 

Consider throwing a theme-based party where attendees can dress up according to specific decades or cultural icons - think '80s neon or a Hollywood evening. Entrance fees can go directly to your cause, and you can boost donations by including a silent auction filled with items donated by local businesses.

Engage attendees further by offering interactive activities, such as photo booths or dance-offs, to ensure an unforgettable experience while amplifying the spirit of giving. This method not only raises funds but also strengthens the community around your cause, making everyone a part of something bigger.

Make it an event your volunteers won’t want to miss!

4. Be a Buddy, Raise Some Money

Peer-to-peer fundraising; it’s all about leveraging your volunteers’ networks to get those contributions rolling in from their contacts and connections.

To make peer-to-peer fundraising a breeze for volunteers, consider providing them with ready-to-go digital toolkits, including templated social media posts, emails, and easy-to-share links to your donation page, easing the way for them to spread the word amongst their networks.


5. Company Matchmaking

Encourage your volunteers to inquire with their HR departments about donation matching programs.

It's a simple conversation that could potentially double their contribution to your organization and further amplify their impact.


6. Birthday Bonanza

Celebrate a life while improving many others. Encourage your volunteers to dedicate their birthday to a cause by asking for donations instead of gifts.

Launching a birthday fundraising initiative can transform volunteer birthdays into a catalyst for change, galvanizing friends and family to support the cause that's close to their hearts!

7. Shop and Support

Shopping never felt so good! Encourage people to buy from businesses that commit a portion of their proceeds to your organization!

Steering your volunteers towards businesses that are part of the 'Shop and Support' initiative not only bolsters your fundraising efforts but also fosters a community of conscious consumers, amplifying the positive impact on your organization.

8. Legacy Giving

Creating a legacy giving program allows volunteers to continue supporting their favorite cause well into the future, making a profound impact for years to come.

9. Round-Up for Change

To implement a "Round-Up for Change" program, organizations can partner with mobile app companies that offer transaction round-up features.

Encourage your volunteers to participate by highlighting stories of how even the smallest contributions can lead to big changes, fostering a culture of continuous support and making it clear that every little bit helps in making a difference.

10. Host a Virtual Fundraiser

Organize online auctions or live stream events to gather funds. Plus, it's a fun way to connect with people across locations in support of your cause.

In virtual fundraisers, volunteers can contribute by participating in online auctions, where they can bid on items or experiences from the comfort of their own homes. They can also make donations during live stream events, engaging in real-time with the community and contributing to the cause with just a few clicks.

11. Crafts for a Cause

Volunteers can make a difference by donating their crafts to fundraising events. It's satisfying for volunteers to see how their creations can positively impact someone's life.

12. Fitness Fundraising

Invite your volunteer base to participate in a sponsored run, cycle, or yoga marathon. They can get active and do good at the same time!

Consider a "Run for Funds" event where participants gather pledges for each mile they complete. 

It's not only an excellent way for the community to come together and stay healthy but also a fantastic opportunity for volunteers to directly contribute to your cause, turning their physical effort into tangible support

13. Educate & Inspire

Consider inviting your volunteers to share their unique skills through special classes or workshops, where registration fees are donated to your cause.

This not only raises funds but also strengthens the sense of community by sharing knowledge and passion among supporters.

14. Social Sharing Sparks Joy

In the digital age, the connection between social media and philanthropy has never been more pronounced. On special e-giving days, volunteers relish the opportunity to merge their generosity with their social presence. This dynamic creates a compelling narrative that encourages others to join in, magnifying the impact of their contributions.

By sharing their donation stories online, they not only amplify your organization’s reach, but also inspire their digital circles with their acts of kindness. 

15. Harness the Power of Swag

T-shirts, hats, stickers – everyone loves swag. Give some out as perks for donations or at your events. Your volunteers will love representing causes close to their heart and wearing them with pride.

Bringing It All Together 

In this guide, we've explored 15 creative ways to engage volunteers in fundraising efforts.

Whether it's through personal networks, fitness challenges, or rounding up change, each strategy offers a unique chance to contribute to a meaningful cause.

Remember: fundraising isn't just about financial support; it's about building stronger, more compassionate communities.

Experiment with these ideas, tailor them to your organization's needs, and most importantly, have fun!

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