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7 Examples of Volunteer Work That You Can Try to Positively Impact your Community

Wouldn't it be great to apply your skills and abilities for a good cause, make a positive impact and experience profound fulfillment? That's the real power of volunteering. As a volunteering enthusiast, you can drive your energy into various projects ranging from environmental conservation to education and public health.

Doing this positively impacts your community and the environment while providing tremendous health benefits. Volunteering can reduce stress and increase happiness.

With so many community service project ideas available, figuring out which aligns with your interests, personality, and career goals can be challenging. We've compiled a list of the main types of volunteer opportunities to help you choose one that suits and pushes you to find purpose.

What Are the Different Types of Volunteer Opportunities?

Here are the main examples of volunteer work that you can try to impact your community and the environment.


Educational programs range from teaching English to adults to lending a hand in an elementary school. Being able to fluently read and write English significantly improves an individual's employability while increasing their income and living standards.

While teaching mostly suits extroverted personalities, it also provides a perfect opportunity for introverts to become comfortable with public speaking and group leading.

Public Health

As a volunteer, you can work to improve hygiene, nutrition, water security, and maternal health or promote HIV and AIDs awareness within your community. Most public health projects do not require prior medical knowledge or experience because volunteers work under Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy guidance.

 If you are considering a career in public health or love working with people of all backgrounds and ages, these projects might appeal to you.

Children and Youth

You can tutor teens in math or English or organize sporting activities for at-risk youth. Doing this prepares the children and youth for an economically viable future while shifting their focus against temptations.

Environmental Conservation

Environmental conservation volunteers often appeal to individuals who wish to combine their love for the outdoors and nature with meaningful activities. Tasks such as collecting trash, afforestation, reforestation, invasive species management, and tending flora are some of the volunteer work examples in this field. 

While these roles may be physically demanding, they provide a chance to explore nature and learn more about conservation.

Animal Volunteer Work

Animal centers constantly seek volunteers to help feed animals, clean cages, and conduct behavioral training. If you are an animal lover, you may also want to rescue and care for injured animals such as possums, lizards, birds, and turtles.

 Getting involved in these projects may require you to have a car so you can easily pick up and transport them to an experienced carer or vet for assessment.

Community Development

Community development volunteering mainly involves social groups working together to build a stronger community. Volunteers usually join a charity and dedicate their time to helping disadvantaged communities acquire food, clothing, shelter, and education. 

This is among the most diverse and challenging ways to volunteer in your community, but it's extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

Corporate Volunteerism

Corporate volunteerism is an initiative supported by employers that offer resources and support to employees who wish to volunteer in their local community. Usually, organizations develop and grow a volunteer program that includes volunteer paid time off (VTO) and other incentives to motivate employees. 

If you're working in a company that supports volunteerism, you can grab opportunities that interest you and make an impact in your community. Check out corporate volunteer program examples in this article.

How Can Volunteer Leaders Increase Volunteer Engagement?

Effective volunteer engagement requires managers to combine different strategies to offer volunteers compelling reasons to stay involved. Let's look at some of the most effective ways to increase volunteer engagement within your organization. 

Embrace Digital Communication

Part of the secret to successful engagement is continuously reminding volunteers that you still need them. Today, communication preferences changed, and you may find that most volunteers prefer to engage with your organization online. 

Embracing digital communication channels, such as email, social media, or texting, is an excellent way to meet them where they are.

Gather Volunteer Feedback

Collecting volunteer feedback is an invaluable approach toward empowering your volunteers, improving their experience, and bolstering retention. There are various ways to gather volunteer feedback, including volunteer engagement surveys and roundtable discussions.

 Once you have the feedback, you can use them to make informed decisions toward bettering your program. These activities signify that you're willing to listen and create a volunteer culture that respects input from all volunteers.

Support Volunteers via Continuous Training

While volunteer training is known to get recruits up to speed, it's also a powerful engagement tool. Many volunteers aim to obtain knowledge and hone skills, and the best way to support their desire for learning is by offering continuous training. 

Extend ample training opportunities to even the most experienced volunteers who want to prepare for a professional career or become leaders.

Focus on Volunteer Retention

High volunteer retention is a result of positive engagement. You can boost volunteer retention rates in the following ways:

  • Understanding why volunteers quit: The top reasons for quitting could be busy schedules, burnout, loss of interest, and feeling undervalued or underappreciated. Armed with this information, you can take the necessary precautions to enhance volunteer turnover.
  • Matching volunteers to the right roles: Matching volunteers with roles that align with their skills and interests during volunteer recruitment creates positive experiences that yield greater retention.
  • Offering positive programming: Most volunteers quit because they lead busy lives and cannot fix volunteering in their schedules. The simple solution to this is being flexible. 

Invest in Reliable Volunteer Management Software

Volunteer engagement features are among the primary reasons managers invest in volunteer management software. Rather than spending a lot of time tracking down volunteers' contacts and calling them individually, you can use a solution that does the heavy lifting for you.

 A reliable solution should enable you to automate volunteer engagement and communicate with your volunteers in real-time. It allows you to send bulk messages and emails to your volunteers, which builds meaningful relationships while improving engagement.

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