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The 15 Best Podcasts for Volunteer Leaders

What podcasts are volunteer managers listening to right now?

Our community of volunteer leaders has weighed in and shared the podcasts that have informed and supported them most!

Hone your leadership skills, grow your program, and inspire your volunteers with our ultimate list of must-hear podcasts!

Featured Podcasts:

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Nonprofit Leadership Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Dr. Rob Harter and dives into the most critical issues, hottest trends, and exciting opportunities facing volunteer leaders today. You will hear real stories from seasoned volunteer leaders about which strategies work and which do not.

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Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership

In each episode, you’ll get the best tips in nonprofit career development as you pursue your path to senior leadership in the nonprofit sector. Host Dr. Patton McDowell shares best practices based on his work with over 250+ nonprofits, and shares over 120 interviews with philanthropic leaders and experts in the field.

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Inspired Nonprofit Leadership

Host Dr. Mary Hiland has over 40 years of nonprofit experience in both leadership and consulting, which has culminated in her highly rated podcast, Inspired Nonprofit Leadership. This podcast invites nonprofit leaders to unleash their fullest potential with her key insights, tips, inspiration, and guidance.

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Volunteer Nation

This podcast packs quite a punch with weekly leadership tips, scalable advice, and proven tools to help your nonprofit achieve abundance. Nonprofit expert Tobi Johnson harnesses her 25 years of experience to help you learn how to better coordinate, recruit, and appreciate the volunteers you already have, and do it even more efficiently than ever before. Trust us, this is a must-listen.

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From the Suggestion Box

Struggling to respond to and manage feedback from members in your organization? This podcast hands the mic over to professionals from within and outside the nonprofit sector and shines a light on how they received feedback and used it to grow professionally.

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Nonprofits are Messy

Looking to explore the most pressing issues in nonprofit leadership? Look no further than Joan Garry’s Nonprofits are Messy. Hailed as the “Dear Abby” of the nonprofit world, this podcast tackles issues like running special events, how to craft the perfect donation request, the nonprofit overhead myth, and much more.

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Nonprofit Jenni Show

This highly rated podcast is perfect for board members, community leaders, and nonprofit leaders. On her weekly show, Jenni and her nonprofit guests share their experience, stories, and advice for facing common challenges in the nonprofit world.

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The Small Nonprofit 

If you’re a small nonprofit, this is the podcast for you. Running a small organization is not for the weak-willed or faint of heart. Cindy Wagman delivers down-to-earth, actionable guidance for the unsung heroes of the small nonprofit, who she believes are changing the world, one small organization at a time.

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New Nonprofit Leader

Host Todd Macpherson infuses this podcast with over 28 years of his experience in nonprofit leadership. He explores why some nonprofit leaders struggle, while others thrive. Get inspired by the expert strategies and advice you need to become the most successful nonprofit leader.

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Nonprofit Pulse 

Perhaps the newest podcast on this list, Nonprofit Pulse is definitely worth the listen. Get the low-down on nonprofit trends, insights, and resources that will propel you and your mission forward!

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The Business of Giving 

Focusing on the solutions to society’s complex social problem, host Denver Frederick dives into the issues of global poverty, clean drinking water, educational breakthroughs, affordable housing, and much more. Learn what’s working, what’s not, and how it’s all being financed in this one-of-a-kind podcast. 

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Volunteer Plain Talk 

If you want a quick download of the latest trends and best practices in volunteer engagement, Meridian Swift’s podcast is the one for you. Featuring guests from around the world, this program shares innovative ideas and tips for the modern volunteer manager who is looking to make the greatest possible impact.

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The Engaged Volunteer Podcast 

Want to learn more about the ins and outs of volunteer management? Or perhaps you want to sharpen your skills? The Engaged Volunteer Podcast gives nonprofit leaders a platform to discuss their challenges, successes, and lessons along the way.  

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We are for Good Podcast 

Featuring the most innovative ideas, inspiration, and stories from the titans in the industry, We are for Good delivers an approachable learning environment for nonprofit professionals. Settle into their community of philanthropists, innovators, policy makers, and movers and shakers and get ready to learn! There’s a reason this is one of the most highly rated podcasts on our list.

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The Official Do Good Better Podcast

Learn how to do good better with host Patrick Kirby. As a fundraising expert, nonprofit speaker, event creator, and author, Kirby walks listeners through the successes and challenges of nonprofits and offers creative solutions to their problems.

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