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Types of Volunteering

National Data On Types of Volunteering Needed By Community Service Agencies

What types of volunteering work are most critical for your organization? Data collected in 2011 by the U.S. Census Bureau answers the common question, “what are the 3 main types of volunteering?”

They found the following were the most common types of volunteerism:

1. Fundraising
2. Collecting, distributing, cooking or serving food
3. General labor and transportation

This information shows which types of volunteering activities are needed most by community service organizations across the United States. The good news is that more and more Americans are seeking out volunteer opportunities than ever before. So there is a wider overall pool of volunteers. How can your organization connect with and engage those candidates who are best suited to fill the types of volunteering needs that are most pressing for your organization?

How to Reach the Right Volunteers for the Right Types of Volunteering Opportunities

First of all, potential volunteers will be looking for organizations that deal with issues they feel strongly about. Make sure your agency’s vision, mission, and goals are clearly outlined on your website. Once a potential volunteer is excited about who you are and what you do they will begin looking for types of volunteering opportunities that match their skill sets and interests. Make it as easy as possible for volunteers to search needs by category, so they can quickly find opportunities that require any special skills they may have: bilingual, teaching experience, carpentry, tax preparation…etc.

Once a potential volunteer finds the types of volunteering opportunities they are looking for, they will be excited; excitement drives action. Give that person a way to immediately respond to any need that appeals to them. If they can volunteer for a task at the click of a button, you will keep their momentum going. To go a step further towards turning a relationship with a new volunteer into a long-term one, give that individual a way to fill out a personal profile that collects contact info, interest areas, and skill sets. Once you have a volunteer’s profile information stored in your database you can automatically notify them when types of volunteering opportunities, advocacy opportunities, in kind donation needs or job opportunities arise that appeal to them directly. When you selectively send need notifications to interested parties instead of emailing your whole database over and over again, you’ll be much more likely to engage volunteers instead of turning them off with unwanted email.

Get Connected volunteer management software can help community service agencies and organizations connect with volunteers and match them with the exact types of volunteering opportunities they are looking for. To learn more, ask for a demonstration of Get Connected today.

Author: Doss Church