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[Planning Calendar + Templates] Everything You Need to Prepare for Volunteer Month

Free Volunteer Month Planning Calendar

Volunteer Month is an opportunity to honor volunteers and attract new ones, while also increasing your program’s visibility in the community.

Start planning your Volunteer Week or Volunteer Month campaign using our free template! Stay organized, map out your campaign timeline, and make a plan to honor your volunteers and recruit new ones!

Key Dates to Remember in 2024

April 1 - Global Volunteer Month Begins
April 14 - Good Deeds Day
April 21-27 - National Volunteer Week
April 22 - Earth Day

Get ahead of the game with these 2024 Best Days to Volunteer & Serve in Community.

Create a Volunteer Month Campaign in 3 Steps

A volunteer month campaign will inspire your existing volunteers and help you recruit new ones. Here are 3 simple steps to create a winning plan:

  1. Decide on Volunteer Projects or Events
  2. Create Campaign Goals
  3. Write Your Calls to Action

Let's dive into each of these steps...

1. Decide on Volunteer Projects or Events

The earlier you can settle on which volunteer projects and events your program will be hosting throughout National Volunteer Month, the better. This is so that you have plenty of time to properly plan and advertise these opportunities.

Here are some examples of projects or events that you can use to celebrate National Volunteer Month:

Use these resources to plan events and activities for Volunteer Month:

Want this Volunteer Month Planning Calendar delivered to your inbox?

2. Create Campaign Goals

Choose one or two goals for your National Volunteer Month Campaign. Here are some examples:

  • Recognize volunteers by showcasing their individual contributions or impact
  • Increase volunteer recruitment for a specific program or event
  • Generate interest and donations from community members 
  • Showcase the impact your volunteers have made in the community this year

Use these resources to help you meet your Volunteer Month campaign goals:

3. Write Your Calls to Action

Your calls to action should support your campaign goals. Here are some examples of effective calls to action:

  • Submit your volunteer story or testimonial 
  • Apply to become one of our community advocates and make a difference today!
  • Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know about upcoming volunteer opportunities!
  • Be the change and register as a volunteer! 

Volunteer Month Campaign Tactics

1. Update Your Volunteer Site

Your website is a key part of generating outcomes for your volunteer month campaign; it is also a means to support your calls to action and campaign goals. Make sure your website is up-to-date prior to launching your campaign.

Here are some areas you may consider refreshing:

  • Update your list of volunteer opportunities and make sure the descriptions are accurate and engaging
  • Make sure your newsletter signup option is easy to find
  • Update your contact information
  • Refresh any branding or logos as needed

Refresh your volunteer site with these resources: 

2. Write an Email Campaign

Email marketing is another tactic to support your Volunteer Month campaign.

Here are some types of messaging your organization could use:

  • Announce your volunteer projects or events for Volunteer Month
  • Share your impact with a link to a blog post
  • Include a CTA for volunteer opportunity sign-up or event registration

Use the below resources to write winning email communications:

3. Post on Social Media

Use your program’s social media channels to post photos and share opportunities throughout National Volunteer Month. Be sure to include the hashtags #VolunteerAppreciationMonth, #GlobalVolunteerMonth, #NationalVolunteerMonth, and #NationalVolunteerWeek.

Aim to post at least every other day throughout Volunteer Month. You might invite community members to an event, shout out volunteers, share your program’s volunteer impact, announce a new program, or recruit new volunteers.

Here are some sample social media posts you can use to inspire your volunteers:

  • Join us throughout April for #NationalVolunteerMonth, a time to celebrate our volunteers, partners, and supporters. Learn how to get involved [insert organization’s website link].
  • #VolunteerAppreciationMonth is a great opportunity for us to recognize the top volunteers at [Name of organization]. This year’s “Biggest Impact” award goes to [insert name of volunteer]. Her [number of hours served] made an impact by [describe impact].
  • We couldn’t [insert mission] without the support of our incredible volunteers. Learn how you too can make an impact in the community this #GlobalVolunteerMonth [insert website link].
  • April is #VolunteerMonth - but we think every month is a new opportunity to thank our supporters! We couldn’t achieve our mission [insert mission] without these dedicated, altruistic individuals. Learn how to get involved [link to volunteer opportunities]. 

For more tips on social media, take a look at the resources below: 

Volunteer Month 2024 Campaign Timeline: Your 30-Day Plan

Get the templates and planning guide here! 

Want this Volunteer Month Planning Calendar delivered to your inbox?

Volunteer Month Wrap-Up: Measuring Success

The way you measure your campaign’s success will depend on the goals you’ve identified above. Here are some metrics your program may track: 

  • Number of new volunteers signed up in April 
  • Email open rates and click-through rates
  • Social media engagement and reach 
  • Event sign-ups
  • Volunteer hours generated in the month of April

It is most effective to write down your lessons learned while they are still fresh in your mind. Use the following questions to reflect on your campaign: 

  • How effective was your campaign?
  • What was the feedback from volunteers and the community?
  • What tactics were the most successful? The least successful?
  • What social media posts received the most engagement? The least?
  • What can be improved upon next year?

Even More Resources: 

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